Transcription, subtitling and voice-over

Set the right tone in any language

We manage for you

Detailed inspection of material, right down to individual graphics/images to be localised in videos

Integration of the translated subtitle files into the video

Length check/abbreviation

Quality assurance with computer-aided review

Subtitle generation for the source language (timing, etc.)

Transcript generation for audio content

Translation of the subtitle file

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What is transcription and subtitling?

Transcription is the process of listening to audio or video files and reproducing the content in writing in a text document. Subtitling is the process of creating subtitles that represent the spoken content of a video in written form. Subtitles are usually placed at the bottom of the screen and can be created in different languages to make the video accessible to a wider audience.

What are the benefits of transcription and subtitling?

Transcription and subtitling (closed captioning) are important to increase accessibility and extend the reach of audio and video content. By creating subtitles, people with hearing impairments or lack of language skills can better understand the video. Subtitles can also help improve a website's SEO rank, as they can be indexed as text content by search engines.

What types of file formats are supported for transcription and subtitling?

Our translation agency supports a wide range of audio and video formats, including MP3, MP4, WAV, AVI and MOV. We can also transcribe and subtitle files from online platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Netflix.

How long does it take to transcribe and subtitle an audio or video file?

The time required depends on various factors, such as the length of the file, the number of speakers, the quality of the audio or video file, and the desired language. As a rule, one hour of audio or video file can take between four and eight hours of editing time.

Which languages can be supported for transcription and subtitling?

We offer transcription and subtitling services in a wide range of languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Please contact us for more information.