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Medical translations

When every word counts.

No matter if medical technology and equipment, commercial medical products, medical equipment for medical practices and hospitals, medical and orthopedic products, clinical studies, findings, research and laboratory reports or professional articles - we aim for the highest quality.

Financial translations

Our translations are worth every penny.

Are profitability, efficiency and predictability key points in your business strategy? When it comes to translating or editing your texts in the areas of finance, banking and insurance, we at wordinc are the gold standard.

Translations (legalization, apostille, etc.)

Your words. Their language. 24/7.

Not only do our translators and proofreaders have a way with words; they are also specialists in their field, ensuring accurate translation and editing with relevant terminology, whatever industry you’re in.


What’s the difference between copywriting and content creation?

Copywriting is about creating text that sells your brand to your target audience. Content creation is both written and visual content that appeals to a buyer persona.

How long does it take to write a blog post?

Writing a blog post takes about four hours on average. Depending on the length and amount of research required, a good blog post can be written in as little as two to three hours, or as many as several days.

What information is included in a creative brief?

A creative brief defines the project mission, goals, tone, length and form of the content to be created, in addition to the target audience and other key details.