Technical editing, DTP and foreign language typesetting

DTP: making translation look as good as it sounds

We offer:

Matching of any font and typeface

Compliance with all print specifications

Editing of markup languages like HTML, SGML, XML as well as online documents from Acrobat PDF etc.

Results in all common processing formats including control PDF

Creation and editing of graphics, illustrations, diagrams and screenshots

Formatting and layout customization

Post-DTP quality check of all content

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Lost for words? We’ll find them for you.

Whether it's marketing materials, SEO texts, social media posts or detailed keyword research, with us you get professional copywriting support. You give a detailed order and our copywriters do the rest. They write texts that sell, convince and motivate. In addition, wordinc also offers support in the creation of headlines and even the writing of entire articles and comprehensive technical reports.

Transcription, subtitling and voice-over

Set the right tone in any language.

wordinc makes your video and audio material accessible to an international audience. Our experienced native speaker experts ensure that your subtitles are culturally and linguistically correct and that your company presentation also facilitates communication with your international partners with a professional voice-over.

Legal translations

We even speak Legalese.

Legal texts are not child's play. They are often written in such an abstract and complicated way that even people who are familiar with the subject matter admit to sometimes having to read text passages twice. With us, you can rest assured that your legal translations are in the hands of professionals who have the necessary experience and skills to translate your documents to the highest quality and in a legally compliant manner.


What is DTP and which services does wordinc offer in this area?

DTP stands for desktop publishing and relates to the creation of documents using special software to design layouts and format texts, images and graphics. wordinc offers comprehensive service in this area, perfectly adapting texts and layouts to foreign languages and cultural conventions. This includes typesetting and character setting, format changes, colour conversions and checking the galley proof.

What role do linguistic and cultural knowledge play in wordinc’s DTP work?

Linguistic and cultural knowledge inform the perfect adaption of texts and layouts to foreign languages and cultural conventions. We at wordinc therefore place great value on the ability of our DTP pros to take linguistic intricacies into account and to incorporate cultural conventions into the layout, design and graphics. Intercultural understanding and our native speaker proofreaders ensure a high-quality result.

How does wordinc guarantee the quality of its work with regard to DTP and language services?

wordinc guarantees the quality of its work with regard to DTP and language services through the “four-eyes principle” of its DTP and language experts. The experts work in experienced teams and discuss all steps of the process in detail with the customer. In addition, every assignment is checked for errors and inaccuracies by native speaker proofreaders. This results in error-free adaption of texts and layouts to foreign languages and cultural conventions.

Can wordinc work with hard-to-format files?

Yes, wordinc works with true DTP heroes, who can turn even an almost illegible and unformatted document into a clean and structured file. Translation and DTP are therefore always offered from a single source, which allows for better coordination of text and layout.

What are the advantages of getting translation and DTP from a single source?

The contact persons of wordinc are fixed ones who are available for you during the entire project. They coordinate all steps of the project and ensure a smooth execution. The advantage of translation and DTP from a single source is a better coordination of text and layout and the handling of all required resources. Weather translation or editing, final proofreading or DTP, wordinc coordinates and ensures smooth processes. This ensures a higher quality of work and faster completion of the project.