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Lost for words? We’ll find them for you.

Whether it's marketing materials, SEO texts, social media posts or detailed keyword research, with us you get professional copywriting support. You give a detailed order and our copywriters do the rest. They write texts that sell, convince and motivate. In addition, wordinc also offers support in the creation of headlines and even the writing of entire articles and comprehensive technical reports.

Transcription, subtitling and voice-over

Set the right tone in any language.

wordinc makes your video and audio material accessible to an international audience. Our experienced native speaker experts ensure that your subtitles are culturally and linguistically correct and that your company presentation also facilitates communication with your international partners with a professional voice-over.

Legal translations

We even speak Legalese.

When it comes to legal texts, the jury is in: they can be challenging. They are often written in such an abstract and complicated way that even people who are familiar with the subject matter admit to sometimes having to read text passages twice. With us, you can rest assured that your legal translations are in the hands of professionals who have the necessary experience and skills to translate your documents to the highest quality and in a legally compliant manner.


Why is translation important in marketing?

By translating your marketing and advertising materials, you can reach potential customers abroad, as well as those who speak another language. This in turn increases brand awareness across multiple markets at the same time.

What needs to be considered when translating an advertisement?

When translating ads, the translator needs to carefully consider on which channels the text will be published, the demographics of the target audience and what makes the text effective in the original language. The challenge with this type of text is to convey the brand’s or product’s message in a way that is appropriate for the target group.

What makes marketing texts difficult to translate?

Translators of marketing texts must not only have linguistic knowledge, but also cultural knowledge of the target market in which the text is to be published. They must put themselves in the shoes of the target audience and ask themselves whether the words chosen will appeal to them and thus achieve their goal. At wordinc, we therefore guarantee a high-quality translation of your marketing texts.

Is a standard translation sufficient for marketing and advertising texts?

While a standard translation can convey the content of a message, transcreation is better suited to making the message as impactful in the target language as it is in the source language.