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Official notices, court decisions, evidentiary documents

All kinds of business contracts and agreements

Notarial documents and legal deeds

Personal documents

Court rulings, ordinances, lawsuits

Insurance documents


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Editing, proofreading and post-editing

Make your text shine.

Editing is especially useful for making sure that a text has the natural flow of language that comes from a native speaker. To ensure not only an error-free text, but also to check that you have been consistent stylistically, captions are correct, and your terminology and style guides have been followed, ask us about our editing services. Proofreading, on the other hand, focuses on grammar, punctuation and spelling. If that's all you need, that's all we touch, we promise.

Foreign language typesetting and DTP

Making translation look as good as it sounds.

Working closely together, the translation team and graphics professionals ensure that the original design is preserved and texts are carefully translated. We work strictly according to your specifications, including XML/SGML-based publishing. We do our utmost to set your marketing materials, documents or, for example, company presentations professionally and in accordance with your corporate design.

Marketing translations

Keep it catchy.

When it comes to getting your brand known internationally, every syllable matters. An apt marketing translation can mean the difference between a lucrative contract and a missed deal. At wordinc, we are aware of this, which is why we approach every marketing and advertising translation with the utmost precision and care.


Can complicated legal texts also be translated at wordinc?

Yes. Legal texts are often written in a complicated way because they are formulated precisely and accurately to eliminate other potential interpretations. And this is exactly what we specialize in at wordinc. Our specialists will adapt any paragraph, no matter how long, perfectly into your target language.

Why is it important to rely on trained legal translators when translating legal texts?

Legal texts must be translated precisely and accurately so as not to distort their meaning. Only well-trained linguists with experience in translating legal texts can guarantee a high-quality and legally binding translation. wordinc deliberately does not use lawyers who also do translations on the side. Often they have a different view of the text and bring their own perspective into the translation, which is of course not desired.

What benefit does wordinc give me when translating legal texts?

Our legal translation experts ensure the legally compliant translation of legal texts of the highest quality, ensuring that the meaning of the texts is not distorted and that they comply with legal requirements, standards and norms.