Industry and engineering

How the gears of language turn smoothly at wordinc

We translate for you:

Instruction manuals

User and guide manuals

Technical documentation for fire protection

Documentation and circuit diagrams of equipment


Technical articles and website texts

Facility documentation

Manuals and standard work instructions

Installation schematics

Marketing materials

Product descriptions, catalogs and brochures

Product specifications

Audit report

Technical documentation of electrical installations


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Technical editing, DTP and foreign language typesetting

DTP: making translation look as good as it sounds

With wordinc, you get a perfect combination of professional DTP and linguistic know-how – including intercultural understanding and native speaker proofreaders for the final galley proof. And you get all that from a single source with designated contacts.

Tourism translations

Enjoy the premium service of wordinc's business class

The tourism industry is booming, and with it the demand for texts that evoke wanderlust in the reader and let them feel the sand between their toes. This means that translations are becoming more and more important for tourism and travel.

Technical translations

How the gears of language turn smoothly at wordinc

Translations of technical documentation need to run like well-oiled machines. And like the parts of those machines, the translations should be accurate, standardised and durable so the content can be conveyed smoothly. That’s where wordinc comes in: we specialise in technical translations, and our services fit together like finely tuned gears to best meet your needs.


Does wordinc also specialize in technical translations?

Thanks to the large network of professional translators built up over 16 years, wordinc also specializes in translations of texts from the fields of industry and technology, as well as documentation. The field of technical translations has always been an important branch of the company from the very beginning.

How does wordinc ensure that every technical translation is completed with the utmost precision?

wordinc works with experienced professional translators, project managers and proofreaders and uses the latest technologies and tools to optimize the translation process and ensure the highest quality. The use of CAT tools also saves time and money.

What types of technical documents can wordinc translate?

wordinc translates manuals, technical drawings, presentations, patent specifications and many other types of technical documentation.

In which languages does wordinc offer technical translations?

wordinc offers technical translations in more than 30 commercial languages.