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Medical translations

When every word counts

Whether you have medical technology and equipment, commercial medical products, medical equipment for medical practices and hospitals, medical and orthopedic products, clinical studies, findings, research and laboratory reports or professional articles - we aim for the highest quality in our medical translations.

Financial translations

Our translations are worth every penny

Are profitability, efficiency and predictability key points in your business strategy? When it comes to translating or editing your texts in the areas of finance, banking and insurance, we at wordinc are the gold standard.

Translations (legalization, apostille, etc.)

Your words. Their language. 24/7.

Not only do our translators and proofreaders have a way with words; they are also specialists in their field, ensuring accurate translation and editing with relevant terminology, whatever industry you’re in.


What are the advantages of translating online stores?

The translation of online stores into the native language of the customers offers the advantage that they understand the content better and feel more comfortable with it. If desired, wordinc can also provide search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure that the online store is easily found by search engines such as Google.

Can wordinc help with the localization of e-learning courses?

Yes, wordinc also helps with the localization of e-learning courses. Our team assists with the localization of e-learning videos, documents, presentations and entire learning platforms.

How does wordinc guarantee the quality of digital business translations?

The quality of the translations is ensured by a specially trained translation team. Each text is edited by two native speakers specialized in the respective field - one translates and one proofreads for further quality assurance.

Is machine translation enough for a website translation?

Machine translations are often too literal to be relied upon for website translation. In addition, the machine cannot integrate your company's own corporate language into the text or take special terminology into account. If machine translation is to be used, it is still essential to hire a trained human eye to review and edit the output to ensure that the translation is error-free and appropriate for the target audience.

Can wordinc also customize the design and layout of user interfaces?

Yes, wordinc can customize not only the text, but also the layout and design of user interfaces. This includes menus, dialog boxes, buttons, banners and other elements. The goal is to make the user interface fit for the international market and provide the best user experience.