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When it comes to setting the right tone, we speak your language! For over 13 years, our clients have trusted our passion and expertise as one of Germany’s most professional translation agencies. From translation and editing to copywriting and creative writing, foreign-language typesetting and interpreting to language training and consulting, we offer the full range of language services with fast turnaround and utmost convenience.

So what sets us apart from all the others? It's simple: we’re there for you. Our professional, personal support and round-the-clock service make sure your translation arrives when you need it. With us, you have a partner that is on the same page and that wants to grow alongside you. We will put together a team of translators that best suits you, your company and your desired languages, and provide the exact support you need. The quality of a translation plays no small part in the success of a company’s products and services. With this in mind, we will make sure your audience understands you – wherever they are in the world.

wordinc reflects the Hanseatic city in which we are based: cosmopolitan, pragmatic and passionate.


Your advantages

 wordinc – your agency of choice 

 All business languages and a range of subject areas 

 Superior quality and maximum efficiency 

 Short response time, fast delivery! 

 Top quality at a low cost 

 Use of state-of-the-art technology 

From Hamburg to the world

We work with maximum transparency every step of the way to keep you in the loop. We will help you navigate the jungle of ever-increasing standards, regulations and requirements for translation services. Our translators have their ears tuned to the linguistic developments of the target markets so that your message always strikes the right note, no matter where in the world you do business.

At wordinc, quality comes first, and our DIN EN ISO 17100 certification is proof: Our translators have gone through a stringent selection process and translate exclusively into their native language. Plus, all translations are proofread by a second person in accordance with what is known as the “four-eye principle”. Simply put, "quality" is more to use than a word with an 'i' to be dotted and a 't' to be crossed. We have high standards, and we take them seriously. Of course, we also know that you may sometimes have different requirements for your texts. We have the perfect solution for these, too.

Our clients from the diverse areas of manufacturing, business and culture turn to us for their international endeavours. Let us help you, too.

Pick up the phone and get acquainted.  We’re looking forward to working with you!

Let us help you, too.


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Subject areas

Assessments, catalogues , CMSs, computer applications, data sheets, fair disclosure reports, financial reports, general terms and conditions, impromptu messages, insurance policies, marketing texts, press releases, slogans, sustainability reports, user interfaces, user manuals, websites and many more.


Arabic, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Farsi, Finnish, Flemish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian and many more.

Programs and file formats

.csv, .exe, .pdf, .sql, .svg, Excel, FrameMaker (.mif), DITA (.dita, .xml), EPS, GetText (.po), Grafikprogramme, InDesign (.indd, .inx, .idml), HTML (.html, .hmt, .sht), Java-Ressourcen, MS Help (.hhc, .hhl), OpenDocument (.odt, .odf), PageMaker, Plain Text (.txt, .inf, .ini, .reg), PowerPoint, Quicksilver, SGML, Typo 3 (.xml), Word, XLIFF (.xlf, .xlif, .xliff), Visio and many more.