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Workflows in translation management are becoming increasingly complex, and as programs churn out more new file formats and the time to market grows shorter, your translations need now more than ever to be handled by professionals.

Does your work require translation and documentation? Are you considering implementing a translation service within your company? Do you want to optimise the processes of your existing language services? Are you looking for the right tools for your translation activities?

Look no further than wordinc! From the first thought to putting the final pieces in place and everything that comes after, we’re happy to consult you at every step. Whether you want to improve your project management and existing workflows in your language services or you want to make more efficient use of translation technologies, wordinc offers a range of individual consultation services.

Translation technologies:

  • Support in selecting translation technologies
  • Strategy development for implementing translation technologies in your business processes
  • Workflow development for using these technologies alongside your external service providers

Translation and project management:

  • Development, standardisation and optimisation in the areas of translation and project management
  • Definition of the rights and roles of participating stakeholders
  • Definition of cooperation between departments and between companies, and the development of best practices in process and workflow management

Quality assurance:

  • Definition of quality goals
  • Development of quality assurance measures

Terminology management:

  • Preparation and maintenance of translation memories, glossaries and terminology lists
  • Terminology extraction
  • Standardisation of company-wide terminology
  • Translation memory migration
  • Adoption of past translations

Supplier management:

  • Make-or-buy
  • Supplier selection and evaluation
  • Development of indicator system for the objective evaluation of suppliers

We will find the perfect solution for you in combination with our consulting for translation software/translation memory systems service.

You can’t put a price on good advice.

We’d be happy to talk to you about possible optimisation measures for your company. Ask us for a quote today.


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