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Our language training is tailored to your needs. Whether you require three or even four of the components listed below, we’ll help you get exactly where you want to be. Our experienced and certified language trainers come from your region and are native speakers of the target language.

Language training can encompass any of the following components:

  1. Foreign-language training

This component comprises the linguistic building blocks that you need for your daily work. We’ll teach you business, legal or financial English, or show you the ropes of these parlances in your language of choice. Maybe Mandarin? Whatever you need, our experienced trainers will create a programme that suits you.

  1. Competence training

Our foreign-language competence training targets the skills you require on the job, such as negotiating, moderating, holding presentations, talking on the phone and other types of business correspondence. We’ll start with a preliminary conversation with you to assess your skill level. Only by getting to know the individual can we put together the perfect package.

  1. Intercultural training

Our intercultural training focuses on the needs of your clients so that you can avoid embarrassing mistakes or faux pas that might harm your business. And naturally, any information you share with us is confidential.

  1. Systemic coaching based on the methods of Carl Rogers

We’ll help you rid yourself of inhibitions, mental blocks and impossibly high expectations, and give you the confidence you desire. After all, confidence is half the battle of mastering a foreign language.

Four components – one programme! We’re proud of this unique combination, and the feedback from our clients shows that we have every reason to be. We’ll help you maintain a solid footing in a fast-paced business world. With our 4-in-1 programme, you benefit from the expertise of our executive communication coach, who is both a certified systemic coach and change manager.

Our language training is as individual as you.

For years, we have been a valued partner of German medium-sized enterprises in the fields of language training, communication training and coaching.


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