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We’ll translate them in any language – and we have the memory required to localise your software. From menus to dialogue fields and buttons, we will prime your user interface for international markets the right way. Our service pack also includes the translation of handbooks, online help and other files.

Boost your e-commerce with an online store that your customers understand

What’s your favourite language to shop in? Your first language, of course. That’s why localising your online store for the countries where you want to sell your products is essential for online success. So leave the translation to us. On request, we will even build it around SEO keywords to make sure it’s easy to find on Google. Don’t skip out on this important part of online commerce! Get in touch and we’ll help you bring your online store straight to the top.

It’s all Greek to you … because you learned Greek? Then you’ve done e-learning right

These days, we live differently, we think differently … and we learn differently. E-learning courses are trending, but their content has to be understood by the users. We can support you professionally by translating and localising your e-learning videos, documents, presentations, and entire learning platforms.

Our translators are specially trained and deliver the highest quality. Every text is translated by a native speaker who specialises in the field and then proofread by an additional native speaker for further quality assurance.

Here are some of the areas we specialise in:

  • computer games
  • documentation and other companion files
  • e-learning
  • trade articles and IT journals
  • hardware translation
  • communications media and digital entertainment
  • SEO
  • user interfaces for software
  • online stores
  • product videos
  • radio adverts
  • training videos
  • smart phones
  • social media
  • software localisation
  • software translation
  • telecommunications and multimedia
  • websites
  • contracts

Let us reboot your communication – leave the translation to us.

wordinc has kept IT and software companies connected for years.



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