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Your words. Their language. 24/7.

wordinc is a full-service language service provider that takes care of all necessary tasks related to translation. Our team of native-speaking professionals guarantees a precise translation with the relevant (technical) terminology. Quality and your satisfaction are our top priorities. Multiple correction loops and flexible delivery options are in place to guarantee you get the quality you need, when you need it.

Editing, proofreading and post-editing

Make you're your text shine.

Proofreading is especially useful for making sure that every dot and comma sits in the right place. Simple proofreading is about grammar, punctuation and spelling. If that's all you want, that's all we'll touch, we promise! But if you want to ensure an error-free text that is stylistically consistent, and that is in accordance with your terminology and style guides, we offer additional proofreading and editing services for your text.


Lost for words? We’ll find them for you.

Whether it's marketing materials, SEO texts, social media posts or detailed keyword research, with us you get professional copywriting support. You give a detailed order and our copywriters do the rest. They write texts that sell, convince and motivate. In addition, wordinc also offers support in the creation of headlines and the writing of entire articles, as well as comprehensive technical reports.

Transcription, subtitling and voice-over

Set the right tone in any language

wordinc makes your video and audio material accessible to an international audience. Our experienced native speaker experts ensure that your subtitles are culturally and linguistically correct and that your company presentation also facilitates communication with your international partners with a professional voice-over.

Foreign language typesetting and DTP

DTP: making translation look as good as it sounds

Working closely together, the translation team and graphics professionals ensure that the original design is preserved and texts are carefully translated. We work strictly according to your specifications, including XML/SGML-based publishing. We do our utmost to set your marketing materials, documents or, for example, company presentations professionally and in accordance with your corporate design.