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Your company has its own unique lingo and terminology that define your corporate identity and communicate who you are and what you are about to the world. That’s why it’s so important that this parlance is always consistent – no matter the medium or the language.

Our professional terminology management makes this possible. From handbooks and marketing documents to your company’s website, we will make sure that your products and services are communicated uniformly wherever they are represented.

Terminology management and corporate language

wordinc’s terminology management and corporate language services concentrate on the following areas:

  • the systematic analysis of your existing processes
  • the development of processes and best practices
  • support in creating uniform terminology specifications by extracting terminology from your existing communication; the creation of glossaries and multilingual terminology lists; the identification and standardisation of acronyms, abbreviations and technical terms
  • administration and maintenance of company- and industry-specific terminology
  • review and assessment of previous translations and of your existing terminology
  • support in creating specifications and processes for writing source texts that are prime for translation

Terminology management from wordinc perfectly complements our translation services.

You can count on our meticulous wordsmiths.

We have been maintaining the glossaries, style guides, word lists and term bases of several renowned clients for many years. We’d be happy to prepare an individual package and non-binding quote for you, too.


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