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Gain a competitive edge by adapting your software product to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of your target markets. We all prefer applications and programs that look and feel as though they were made in our own country. The more authentic a product is, the more likely we are to use it. Language is the vehicle and software localisation the key to ensuring lasting success in international markets for your product or service. After all, your customers will want to hold a product that was made just for them.

Software localisation is more than just translation. For us, it includes:

  • observing country-specific information (date and time formats, units, currencies, etc.)
  • using terminology consistently (were the menu screens, error messages, online help and other components translated consistently?)
  • adapting shortcuts to the target market
  • checking the length of the text
  • ensuring icons, symbols, colours and other details work in the target market

wordinc specialises in the localisation of:

  • software applications
  • web applications
  • mobile apps
  • websites
  • e-commerce sites
  • online stores
  • multimedia translations
  • content management systems
  • user interfaces
  • text fields

and much more

Turn to the experts for your localisation needs!

Don’t risk putting your reputation on the line with incorrect translations. Let us handle your software localisation from start to finish.


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