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The latest buzzword in the translation industry is digitalisation. You want more content in less time, and in as many languages and at as low a price as possible? Thanks to machine translation, your wish is our command! When preparing machine translations, it’s important that we know what the text will be used for and how much certainty you need that the machine translated your text correctly. wordinc offers the following services:

Machine translation: You provide us with your document and we will generate a machine translation. How do you benefit? You will receive a translated and formatted document in a short amount of time, sparing yourself the tedious copying and pasting required for an online editor.

Machine translation and simple post-editing: Do you want to make extra sure that the machine accurately translated the content of your source text? That’s where our post-editors come in. They will go through the machine translation and correct only what needs to be corrected so that you are on the safe side.

Machine translation and complete post-editing: If you want a translation that reads as though it were produced by a real person, then our complete post-editing service is the best option. Two of our post-editors will go through the machine translation with a fine-tooth comb to make sure that not only the content is correct, but also ensuring the grammar, spelling and style are up to snuff.

Let us take you into the Digital Age.

Machine translation is a fast and cost-efficient translation solution. We’ll help you determine whether your text and language combination are suitable candidates for this service. Give us a call on +49 40 300 30 59 50.


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