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Have you ever typeset in Arabic or Chinese? How do you know where to insert a line break, or even where the end of the sentence is? What typographical changes are necessary, and when does the entire page need to be restructured? Enough with the guesswork – we know just what to do!

Do you want a translation that’s ready for press? No problem: our graphic designers will adapt your translation to any format. From Asian to European languages, Arabic to Hebrew, we have the software needed to do the job.

We can work with Mac and PC, in programs like Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PageMaker and QuarkXPress. But we’re not limited to the classic programs for our desktop publishing: complex PowerPoint presentations and complicated Word documents are also part of repertoire, as are other common DTP applications.

Contact us and spare the additional costs of a graphic designer or advertising agency. We will provide you with proofreading by a native speaker and, on request, high-resolution files for pre-press (such as PDF or EPS).

Perhaps you no longer have the open file at your disposal and you’d like to recreate a PDF. Our graphic designers can make this happen.

Stay in the frame.

A range of renowned clients have long been placing their trust in our tact and finesse when it comes to their foreign-language typesetting needs. With years of experience under our belt, you can be sure your corporate design is in good hands.


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