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Spanish: the language of tapas and tortillas, flamenco and paella, sangria and Rioja. We always show up late, whether it’s to the cinema, work or to meet up with friends. But when it comes to partying, we’re right on time. If you’re planning on having a few friends over for dinner, you should take their friends into account and cook for an additional 10 people. Dancing keeps us alive, and what some people may perceive as an argument is a normal conversation for us.

Yes, we enjoy loud, expressive communication. Spanish is one of the fastest languages in the world, but our grammar is half as complicated as it seems. Spanish consists of melodies, harmonies and rhythms, and is one of the most-spoken languages in the world: from Mexico to Argentina, Gibraltar to Bilbao, our common language unites people of different nations. Even if some words have different meanings from region to region.

Let us give you a little tip: if you want to take a bus from Colombia to Argentina, look up the word coger first, or play it safe by using tomar.

Before you make a real gaffe, leave your Spanish translation and editing to us.

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