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Stretching across two continents – from northern Asia into the east of Europe – Russia is the largest country by land mass. Given its size, it’s no to realise how much diversity it offers in terms of culture, landscape, and culinary wonders, but it’s the Russian language that unifies its inhabitants by allowing them to communicate with one another. With 164 million native speakers, Russian ranks seventh on the list of languages with the most native speakers. It is the official language of not just Russia but Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kirghizstan, and is spoken widely across several other Eastern European countries. It is also the sixth official language of the UN.

Anyone interested in learning Russian has to start with the alphabet … the Cyrillic alphabet, to be precise. While this presents a special challenge, those who overcome it will be rewarded with the beautiful, melancholic, and often serene and heartfelt writings of Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy.

Russia is also a global superpower and thus a desirable business partner. If you have already conducted business with a Russian company, or wish to, you should be prepared to write contracts in Russian. Those who want to reach Russian consumers would be well advised to create marketing materials and online content in Russian. After all, it’s the most widely published language online after English. But whatever your needs, we are happy to help. We work with certified translators who not only speak Russian as a native language, but know how to set it down in the Cyrillic alphabet.

You can reach millions of people with our Russian translations.

Our experienced native speakers are experts at what they do. No matter the subject area or service, we have what you need.


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