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In the furthest reaches of the North lies a magical land. A land of trolls, fjords, and northern lights. A land of snow-capped mountains, enchanted forests, and lakes clear as glass: Norway. The land itself is charming, and so are its inhabitants. They address each other by first name when speaking to good friends, strangers, and the prime minister alike, making an exception only for the royal family. Its nearness to the Atlantic means fish are at the top of every menu. And anyone travelling to Norway should make sure to enjoy a slice of their strawberry-and-cream cake, bløtkake.

Norway is home to approximately five million native Norwegian speakers. This number is comparatively small next to, say, the number of native English speakers … maybe that’s why most of them also speak English. Etymologically speaking, Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish are closely related – even mutually intelligible once you get the hang of it – so it’s no surprise that one of Norwegian’s standard dialects, Bokmål, is heavily influenced by Danish. And that’s exactly why it’s criticised by proponents of the officially recognised dialect, Nynorsk. But no matter which dialect you choose for your Norwegian translations, we have the right native speaker who knows the ins and outs of the language.

Vi snakker norsk! And you can count on that.

Our experienced native speakers are experts at what they do. No matter the subject area or service, we have what you need.

We’ll only call you by your first name with your approval. That’s also why customers from renowned companies have trusted us for years with their Norwegian translations.


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