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In some sense, the Japanese are the Germans of the East: we are punctual, tolerant, disciplined and perfectionists. But unlike Germans, we have a sense of humour! After all, you need to be able to laugh at yourself if you love singing karaoke before an audience as much as we do. Be honest: Who can't imagine a group of loud, excited Japanese storming the bar and taking over the mic?

But Japan is also the land of tradition. Our culture has a long history and forms the core of our language. For example, we draw a distinction between men’s speech and women’s speech. There’s even a film in which the subtitles have been written in such a way that the beautiful princess speaks like a man.

Learning Japanese is a noble goal. And if you’re up to the task, we suggest starting off with neutral speech – not too feminine, not too masculine, not too soft, not too hard. As long as your heart is in the right place, we Japanese will take you under our wing. We give you our word!

Why take chances when you could leave your Japanese translation to us?

Our experienced native speakers are experts at what they do. No matter the subject area or service, we have what you need.

wordinc has been a disciplined service provider for a number of renowned clients for many years.


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