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Only we Italians can speak with our mouths and our hands at the same time. And we don’t just speak from the heart, we wear it on our sleeves. Cars, pizza, wine, pasta – you name it: everything we do is done with passion. Could we get that from our nonnas, who pamper us with delicious food?

When you think of Italy, images of heroes, saints and poets spring to mind. Italian is the language of music, opera and theatre. If you want to learn Italian, you’ll also want to learn more about the culture, or even just what they’re singing about in La traviata. The lifeblood of the Italian language is the synonym, as it lets you express thoughts in great nuance. If you think Italian is easy, you are sorely mistaken. Context is key throughout the language. For example, when visiting the spa, you’ll surely just want remove the calluses on your feet, not your cornea.

If you can identify and appreciate each of the hundreds of pasta types as if your name was Giovanni or Francesca, you’re likely to score points with the Italians.

Follow your heart and leave your Italian translation and editing to us.

Our experienced native speakers are experts at what they do. No matter the subject area or service, we have what you need.

wordinc has been capturing the nuance for a number of renowned clients for many years.


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