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Punctuality, discipline, perfectionism – that’s Germany summed up in three words. Our country is bound by numerous rules (that everyone gladly obeys, of course), and our language is no different. It looks like we’re suffering from vertigo whenever we dance, and if you’re expecting us to laugh, the joke’s on you. But the beer? World-class. At least that’s how we’re viewed abroad.

But we’re also the land of poets and thinkers – our beloved language is as lyrical as it is diverse. And punctuality, discipline and perfectionism are three traits you’ll want to see in a language service provider. They mean you can always rely on us to provide a level of quality and accuracy that lives up to the “Made in Germany” standard around the world.

Anyone learning German will quickly find themselves in a jungle of rules and exceptions. Even we sometimes struggle with the genitive and need to think twice about the article of 'yogurt'. Our umlauts are particularly a nuisance for the French.

But take a tip from the pros: saying moin any time of the day or night is a sure-fire way to score points in Hamburg.

From A for Aachen to Z for Zurich, we will translate your text into German or any of its more than 50 dialects. We’re even well-versed in the subtle differences between Swiss German and Austrian German.

Play it safe and leave the German translation and editing to us.

Our experienced native speakers are experts at what they do. No matter the subject area or service, we have what you need.

wordinc has been a proud pedant for a number of renowned clients for many years.


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