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China is a country of paradoxes. Secularism prevails in government, but spirituality flows through the citizenry. The martial arts kung fu and wing chun developed alongside Taoism and Shaolin philosophy. Singles’ Day – their e-commerce bonanza – celebrates people who are not in relationships, but has also become a popular day to arrange a blind date or get married. These dual forces work in balanced harmony to create a culture as varied and splendid as an ornamental silk robe.

The language of China is often referred to as Chinese, but strictly speaking, such a language doesn’t exist. China is home to many different languages and dialects. What we call Chinese is in most cases Mandarin, but there are several other Chinese languages, each with its own splintered dialects. Unlike UK and US English, it’s no guarantee two people from different corners of the same country will understand each other’s dialect. Someone speaking the Mandarin of the Lower Yangtze region, for example, couldn’t converse with a speaker of the Beijing dialect.

So how did we come to refer to Chinese as one language in the first place? Probably because of its writing system, which unifies the individual languages and dialects. Most of the characters correlate with a full syllable and are used in almost all of the country’s languages, allowing the writing system to transcend the spoken barrier and make China into one big cultural community. But be careful! When translating into these dialects, there is plenty of room for error. Let wordinc be the translator and cultural interpreter who is always at your side.

We’re the yin to your yang. Trust us with your translations for the languages of China!

Our experienced native speakers are experts at what they do. No matter the subject area or service, we have what you need.

With us, “Made in China” is a mark of quality. For years, wordinc has been fulfilling more than just three wishes for many renowned clients.


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