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Ever wonder what's so good about Good Friday? So did we. Here's what we found.

Does the "e" word make you nervous? It doesn't have to. Here's why.

A closer look at some of Europe's endangered languages.

After lockdown, do you have the urge to get away? FAR away? There's a German word for that.

Any guess what Lexico chose for its 2020 Word of the Year? Find the answer in our five surprising facts about Italian.

Don't let the tones or the writing system scare you. Chinese is easier to learn than you think.

Say "I do!" to the best translation of your annual report that money can buy.

"Your 14-step journey to falling in love with Arabic begins here." Don't get the reference? Read our post!

What do whistling, agglutination, and tzatziki have in common? The Turkish language. Read to learn more!

You set the goal. We help you achieve it. Learn how!


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