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Why did one end customer choose wordinc even though the competing agencies costed less? And why has K16 continued recommending wordinc for over 10 years? Hear it straight from Sung Koo Kohl, owner of K16 GmbH.

If you want to keep your footing, read about five ways the translation industry is shifting beneath our feet.

Everyone's using disinfectants...but who makes sure they work before they hit the shelves?

Tara, our project management intern, reflects on her time at wordinc and how she got the most out of her practicum during the pandemic.

We unravel the mystery behind one Hamburg street.

Who doesn’t want more freedom? You can have it in Hamburg, and you can even take a stroll down its block.

Nathan Tyson, winner of our BP20 raffle, tells you what you can do today to create a successful Google Ads campaign.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt business-as-usual, companies are implementing crisis communication to keep their employees informed of the latest developments. How can your LSP best support these customers in need of multilingual support? wordinc has five tips to get you started today.

Translating annual reports can be a long, costly process ... if you don't do it right. We figured out how to give the customer the best translation in the shortest time frame for the lowest price with PerfectMatch.


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