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Founded in 2007 in Hamburg by Christina Jagdmann, wordinc quickly became a leading player in the translation industry, going from a one-woman show to a renowned agency for language services right in the heart of the city. Sharing management responsibilities with Christina Jagdmann is Christine Pinnow, and together they lead a team of 20 employees. wordinc also works with around 1,500 professional translators and 20 partner agencies who ensure that your texts are always understood anywhere in the world.

Open, personal, confidential and honest

From pricing to the feasibility of your deadline, it’s important to us to be open with you about whether your project’s requirements can be met. Your satisfaction is how we know we did our job well. By maintaining honest and open personal contact, many project details get cleared up in advance. We also understand the importance of confidentiality when handling your matters, data and files in strict compliance with legal provisions.

We also know how to treat our external suppliers: we make every effort to provide optimal working conditions for our translators to ensure the highest quality possible. This also means paying them on time.

The team is the star!

Because when it comes to handling a diverse range of projects while making you and your individual requirements our top priority, our team shines. Personal relationships, quality and efficiency are just as important to us as enjoying what we do, and this is evident throughout our company – from project management and quality assurance to accounting and sales, from our translators and editors to our management.

Though we all come from different backgrounds, our passion for language unites us. Language is the key to the world; it builds bridges between cultures and brings together people from six different countries within our company alone.

Get to know us and find out for yourself what we can do for you.


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